ADAPTOR Panel 3m tall

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3m tall ADAPTOR CUSTOM HEIGHT  – allows you to lock BOTH Fly Screen/Security and Glass Sliding Doors - 3m tall $140

Adaptor is a long skinny panel that gets installed next to pet door insert.

Both Female Latches need to be transferred to adaptor panel and pet door insert is to be fixed to the sliding door frame (Where female latch used to sit, so its nice and secure and no one can come in).

Advantage of having an adaptor in place is that you can close your fly screen door to the adaptor,  enjoy nice breeze coming inside and keep the unwanted flies and bugs outside.


See how both sliding doors close into adaptor:


NOTE: If you would like us to check your locks are compatible for our locking options, please email us couple of photos of your sliding doors including a close up of both locks and we can check everything is ok and compatible.

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