Taller Frame and Glass - Custom height

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Custom Height Pet Door Insert ADD ON: Taller Frame and Glass

Is your sliding door taller than 2.10m tall?

Let us make you a Pet Door Insert that will be taller frame and glass

This custom height option is perfect for people who own their homes and are planning to stay in their current home for a while, because when you choose Taller Frame and Glass option it is made for your tall sliding doors.


Please make sure you measure the height of your sliding doors by measuring from top inside channel of your glass sliding door, all the way to the bottom inside channel and let us know how tall your sliding doors are.


PRICES for Taller Frame and Glass

Please select what height do your sliding doors relate to:

Sliding door height up to 2.30m tall $175

Sliding door height up to 2.50m tall $200

Sliding door height up to 2.65m tall $225

Sliding door height up to 2.75m tall $250

Sliding door height up to 3.00m tall $300



This Option for Taller Frame and Glass is for custom height ONLY.

You will need to ADD a Patiolink brand Pet Door Insert size to your order as well.

For example, if you are buying MEDIUM BLACK Pet door Custom Height 2.5m. You need to select in your CART Medium Black Patiolink Pet Door Insert  $353 PLUS Custom Height 2.5m Taller Frame and Glass Option $200 and Check out.