WHEELS For Middle Installation: Double Sliding Doors

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WHEELS For Middle Installation: Double Sliding Doors - Optional $40


You can get wheels $40 to install at the bottom of your pet door insert and wheels will make the pet door insert slide with your sliding doors. 

You place the pet door insert in your glass sliding door channel and relocate your existing female latch to either a locking bracket or adaptor.

And then you need to connect pet door insert to the sliding door frame with one screw, usually you either put one screw through the existing hole where your female latch used to sit to connect it to the pet door insert OR create a little plate to connect the two together - existing hole from the female latch and one screw on vertical profile of pet door insert.



See these short videos how the pet door insert slides with wheels once installed:

NEW Installation VIDEO: https://youtu.be/HQ9KMF68BPc 


See how the sliding doors open in the middle: https://youtu.be/QsuNlDYgHZc 



Video 1 - pet door with wheels and adaptor: https://youtu.be/75DXGq9oMZM  

Video 2 - pet door with wheels and adaptor: https://youtu.be/865n3u0lABU

Video 3 See how pet door insert slides in the middle: https://youtu.be/ZaH-Mrjs1Bg

Video 4: Middle Installation, wheels and adaptor  https://youtu.be/nPmzcHYP8g4


NOTE: If you would like us to check your locks are compatible for our locking options, please email us couple of photos of your sliding doors including a close up of both locks and we can check everything is ok and compatible.

Our Email is: sales@patiolink.com.au